SDKBOX 2.3.12 Release Admob Reward video

SDKBOX 2.3.12 Release Admob Reward video
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I got the callback in iPhone 6s

reward:rewarded, currency=reward, amount=1.0


@monisha: I have same issue like you, did you resolve it? Tested on iPhone 4s.
It run on Android well, but iOS didn’t call Admob listeners implemented.


I test it on iOS simulator , but the “reward” function was not called!


Please test on device .


I test it on iPad mini 1 which is iOS 9.3.5 just now, but no luck. The “reward” function was still not called ! But the other callbacks work.
some logs as:
cocos2d: AdMobListener fun=adViewWillPresentScreen name=rewardAD
cocos2d: AdMobListener fun=adViewDidReceiveAd name=rewardAD


Could you please help to test the cpp-sample ?

which language do you use, cpp, JS or Lua?


cpp. ok , i will try.


The cpp-sample of admob work fine to callback rewad. It base on admob iOS 7.18.0, my project base on 7.21.0.
I will check if this reason cause.


Thanks, what about the result?