SDKBOX 2.3.12 Release Admob Reward video

Tested it with both, but still not works.

you can test with our admob sample

I have some question buildToolsVersion on Android studio.
I use android studio 2.3.1, buildToolsVersion ‘25.0.2’ and use SDKBOX admob plugin.
When i implement showing rewarded video ads, not working.
Just return isAvailable(“rewarded”) false.
Any problem on android studio 2.3.1, buildToolsVersion 25.0.2?


I know why not show ads.
I have to add third party mediations…

I use Win-7, building on it C++ Cocos projects for Android.
Thanks for the rewarded video support start, but…

Update-2: succeed! :slight_smile:

I’ve created new empty project with my current Cocos 3.14.1; so I’ve get full-screen (and portrait; and app doesn’t crashes after playing several landscape videos).

One my problem - my sintax error in Resources\sdkbox_config.json (missed or extra comma).

Another Resources\sdkbox_config.json problem - seems it’s not working without describing all 3 types of advertising (banner, interstitial and rewarded video) - may be because admob::init() automatically tries to load all 3 types of Ad one by another, so i had to use fake interstitial.

Looks like even reward() of the rewarded video works ok.

Thanks for your job, developers of the Cocos! :wink:

Can you please upload your project on github or something? I can not make rewarded videos work even on sample project… :disappointed_relieved:


I see that you’ve updated SDKBOX to version and added the Facebook functionality for sending gifts, but the functions for requesting and sending differ in parameters:

         * Ask friends for a gift
        static void requestGift(const std::vector<std::string>& invite_ids, const std::string& object_id, const std::string& message);

         * Send friend a gift
        static void sendGift(const std::vector<std::string>& friend_ids, const std::string& object_id, const std::string& title, const std::string& message, const std::string& additional_data = "");

Could you add the title and additional_data parameters from the sendGift function to the requestGift function in the next patch for version 2.3.13 ?

I know why not show ads.
I have to add third party mediations…

on Android, try to add 3rd mediation.

I Got you, man .

How to setup sdkbox for newest created coocs project? I get an error!


Thank you!

Sorry to be a bother, but I just noticed 2 more things:

  1. The callbacks for the 2 functions aren’t used:
        virtual void onAskGiftResult(bool result, const std::string& msg) {}
        virtual void onSendGiftResult(bool result, const std::string& msg) {}

When I try to use them in the JS bindings (so that I can know when the user is finished with the action), I get an error message in the android console:

E/art: No implementation found for void com.sdkbox.plugin.PluginFacebook.onAskGiftResult(boolean, java.lang.String) (tried Java_com_sdkbox_plugin_PluginFacebook_onAskGiftResult and Java_com_sdkbox_plugin_PluginFacebook_onAskGiftResult__ZLjava_lang_String_2)
  1. I don’t actually know if this is something from you or from the Facebook SDK, but when I get the popup for confirming the request, the object is always called a product whereas in the web version of my game it is called respectively a Life and a Key (which is the name of the open graph object):

Open up your project folder in the console, and type sdkbox import name_of_the_plugin
For example, if you want to import admob, you should type sdkbox import admob

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  1. I’ll check it again

  2. I have no idea, but need more deep.

Thank you!

From what I’ve read there isn’t much that can be done for 2) as it is most likely from the Facebook SDK and I hope that users won’t pay so much attention to it.

I integrated Admob Reward video for an ios game and its working …but how do i know whether the player has watched the full video or not?? coz it doesn’t give any messages if the video is closed in between…

“adViewWillDismissScreen” is the only listener been called either its closed in between or closed after watching the full video… “reward” listener is not called…

Can you help me with this??

Thank you.

1.Check whether you are using the proper reward Id.
2.Check whether you have implemented
reward: function(name, currency, amount) {
self.totalAmount = self.totalAmount + amount;
self.showText(‘reward=’+name+’ ‘+currency+’ '+amount);
in your listener

On android rewarded video not work “adViewDidFailToReceiveAdWithError name=rewarded msg=ERROR_CODE_NO_FILL”

“ERROR_CODE_NO_FILL” this error means there is not enough ads in your region at the moment, maybe turn on testing ads or try it later.

hi sushant,

Thank u for replying.

I’m using the same id that is in sample project. I’m getting the reward video.But when i close the video I’m not getting any logs that i have given in reward function …which means the reward function is not been called.

Can someone help me??
All other functions in the listener are been called except the reward function. What am i supposed to do?? Do i have to add anything in addition ??

Is here any video ? Or just pictures ?

I am getting the video…But when I close after watching it fully… I am not getting any logs that i have given in reward function.