Screen Resize issue in EditBox

Screen Resize issue in EditBox

@slackmoehrle, @Big_Bear I have resizing issue with windows and MAC build if we resize the gameplay, the editBox text did not resize and half visible. The text inside editBox did not resize. can you please help.

Your CC version is ?
can you provide a demo project?or you can tell me how to reproduce it.

Hi @Big_Bear thanks for your reply, my CC version is 1.8.2, when I make a windows or MAC build and resize this builds the EditBox shows like this,This is normal view of my Build

And after Resizing its look like this

For MAC in AppDelegate I put this code:

if(!glview) {
        cocos2d::Size screenSize = cocos2d::Size::ZERO;
        GLFWmonitor *monitor = glfwGetPrimaryMonitor();
        if (nullptr != monitor) {
            const GLFWvidmode* videoMode = glfwGetVideoMode(monitor);
            screenSize = cocos2d::Size(videoMode->width, videoMode->height);
        log("SCREEN SIZE === WIDTH = %f HEIGHT = %f", screenSize.width, screenSize.height);
        glview = GLViewImpl::createWithRect("hello_world", cocos2d::Rect(0, 0, screenSize.width, screenSize.height),1.0f, true);
        //        glview = GLViewImpl::createWithRect("PokerMagnet", cocos2d::Rect(0, 0, screenSize.width, screenSize.height),1.0f, true);
        glview = GLViewImpl::create("hello_world");

I had reproduce this bug successful according to your image.I found that this issue is also happend on CC 2.1.2.
We will fix later.
you can trace this issue as follows:

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Hi one more issue I think you have noted, there is a dark space(blank space) on my second screen short, can you please let me know how to resize my window properly. that you have done in your video. like that.

the dark space is cause of your canvas’s fit mode.

use fix mode and widget component can resolve this problem

@Big_Bear @slackmoehrle didn’t get any solution of Resizing of editbox yet. please Give some solution.37%20PM