Scene merge: how?

Scene merge: how?
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Hi, how do your team handle scene merge?
@jare Are there plans to add a merge tool inside Creator?


Edit: @mnowakbfg I just found out your FireMerge tool ( Is the tool still good for 1.5.2 and 1.6+ versions? Are you guys still using it at Big Fish Games?


Do you need to find the differences between two scenes or simply have to put one scene’s nodes into another one?


It is a must when you need to merge branches.


wow i didnt know you could actually merge scenes. on my workteam what we do is actually lock the scenes exclusively to avoid issues. i think it ends up being easier


Thats the thing, you can’t. Thats why the guys at Big Fish developed a scene merger tool, but I don’t know if its still good. I also want to know if Creator dev team has any plans to add an official tool to do it. Thats why Im asking.


I have found a suggestion relevant to this thread in the Creator’s Trello:可合并的场景文件格式)

Please vote if you want a Mergeable scene file format. Thanks!


@slackmoehrle can you please ask the team how we can handle team work with same scene?


Of course, I can.


I am not sure, you can have a try.

Yes but not in 2018.