Save The Clan - Featured by Apple

Save The Clan - Featured by Apple


Hello Cocos family,

I am very happy to announce about our next game " SAVE THE CLAN " which released last week with collaboration with Eros Now.
Eros Now is India’s top Bollywood movie publisher.

Game Objective :
Save The Clan - Main objective of the game is to villagers should reach to safe house.

Game Description :
Save The Clan is a highly engaging game where you need to escort the villagers to safe house without terrorist noticing them. The villagers need to be protected from terrorist attack. You need to make quick & strategic decisions based on actual situation. The pace & difficulty of the game gradually increases as the game progresses. The game has interesting power-ups & boosters which will help you to achieve the final goal.

Game Link :
Available on App Store : Download here

Game Trailer :

Variety of powerups :

  1. Freeze
  2. Sniper to kill
  3. Can to distract enemies
  4. Trap
  5. Stone to distract enemies

Cool different gameplay with line drawing mechanics.
Gamespeed control with 1x / 2x speed.
Different kind of enemies like patrolling, static, Bike, Boat, mountain, etc.

Thank you Cocos2d-x for great game engine.

Our game is featured by Apple India and currently its exclusive for iOS only.


Congrats to you.
I play the game for 10 minutes and it’s challenging. :grinning:


@smitpatel88 congrats on releasing and getting featured. This is an accomplishment you should be proud of.

What version of cocos2d-x did you use?


Thank you.
Try to unlock all 6 levels, Each level will bring new challenges for sure.

Yes, i am. :slight_smile:

We are using 3.16 right now for all projects. (C++)


@smitpatel88 big congrats buddy.
Wondering about the development period it took?
And I think its first time ErosNow has published the game without any movie branding to the game.


1 year with On ‘n’ Off.





Congratulations smitbhai.

Did you use any special tools or was everything developed manually?


Thank you.



Ps. It reminds me Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines :wink:


Congrats on the feature! Congrats on the release!


congrats on getting featured!!! and making a good game :smiley::+1:


Congratulations! I draw the similar game mechanic on the board but my partners didn’t like it, so we pass the idea. But this game and theme are really nice. I will continue to play it. :+1::+1:


Thank you :slight_smile: