Samples, Roadmap and FAQ

Samples, Roadmap and FAQ



All-in-one SDKBOX sample

IAP for 2.2.6

IAP for 3.x

Facebook for 3.x

Facebook for 2.x

Google Analytics

Flurry Analytics




We got a lot of questions regarding roadmap of SDKBOX lately, so we decided to share it with our fellow developers.

Feel free to request features, plugins, bugs, and we’ll work with you to make it happen :smile:


Record issues and error messages and link them to the solution post here.

crash at sdkbox::JNIUtils::__getEnvAttach()

Installer failed to modify, you have to modify it manually

I integrated Google Analytics, but there is no events

When you create a new app in google analytics, it takes couple days for the real-time events to start functioning.

SDKBOX IAP, so many issues
Announcing......SDKBOX Facebook plugin...That's right!
JNI DETECTED ERROR IN APPLICATION: JNI GetStringUTFChars called with pending exception
Sometimes not loading chartboost ads, not found ad error
Why can't I install sdkbox?
ChartboostListener delete
Crash during PluginChartboost::init()
Facebook plugin compilation error


Could you write in more detail what features you plan to add in the new plugins you plan to introduce especially, Facebook. (I really hope you add Score, Friends Request, Friends Pics, etc)


Also hope these features could be included.


yes it is very needed! please add.


CrazyCave isn’t posting score done by graph api? I think so…


Nite can you please enable your fb app so I can login in the sample.
On my game your code still does not working I wanted to try the sample but “This app is still in development mode”


Please create your own Facebook app and replace the Facebook_id, in order for us to enable the app we have to submit it for Facebook to review, I don’t think we can pass it to be honest (-_-)


ok that worked for me… I’ll need to make my game now working…


I would very much like to see a plugin for Google+.
Mainly for sharing text and images.


Nite, this plugin works on 3.7 but not works with 3.6. So mainly its 3.7 not 3.x


Can you post the errors you encounter?


Well I dont receive any errors, because I see that facebook sdk is login me correctly, but I don’t receive any info by listeners…

[SOLVED] Facebook plugin crashes on login calls

Possibly you didn’t implement the changes in


Nite when will be admob support?


What happened with fb invite friends in roadmap? When this functionality will be implemented?


It’s been delayed, but we’re working on it, should be ready within two weeks with the Facebook login fix.


Roadmap says version 1.3.0 will be released today, is the schedule right? I’m very interested in the 1.3.0 version because it includes Fyber plugin.

Thanks for the good work!


It has been released: