Runtime GLB file loading

Hello Cocos Community,

I’m currently engaged in a project that requires the ability to import 3D files, primarily in the GLB format, during runtime. To illustrate, picture the scenario where a GLB file is effortlessly dragged and dropped onto the active project window, resulting in the immediate instantiation of a corresponding scene or node.

My question is: Does the platform support such a capability? Is there built-in functionality to facilitate the dynamic importation of 3D files during runtime?

Looking forward to your input.

For someone looking for an answer on this :

Based on the docs, it is NOT POSSIBLE . Cocos only support images, sounds , text… external file download and runtime loading but NOT GLTF files.

const path = '';
assetManager.loadRemote(path, {}, (error, data) => {


This code will download the GLTF file only but there is not way to create an instance out of it (as far as the doc says)

any idea about this @slackmoehrle ?