RichText auto wrap bug

RichText auto wrap bug

Hello, I found a auto wrap bug of RichText when use Vietnamese string.
The line breaks in the middle of a Vietnamese word.

“nào” is a word.

There are my test code:

_richText = RichText::createWithXML("con cò bé bé nó đậu cành tre đi không hỏi mẹ biết đi đường nào. words should be divided with space..<br /><br /><font face='fonts/Marker Felt.ttf' color='#ffff00'>HELLO </font><font color='#ffff00'>WORLD</font><br /><br /><font color='#ff00ff'>HELLO</font><font face='fonts/Marker Felt.ttf' color='#ff00ff'> WORLD</font>");
        _richText->setContentSize(Size(100, 100));
        _richText->setPosition(Vec2(widgetSize.width / 2, widgetSize.height / 2));

Please check it


Thanks have you created a GitHub issue for this yet?


Hello, I don’t. Could you plz create it for me?

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