Rich Text Performance issue in Mozilla

Rich Text Performance issue in Mozilla
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I am having Performance issue with rich text at mozilla browser, my game get freeze/stuck for a fraction of time. I am trying to set richtext from an array which is a combination of strings separated by different richText code. The code is working fine in Chrome but it get stuck in mozilla.


Hi, could you post your code here?
Setting cc.RichText.string multiple times in a single frame could possibly lead to fps stutter (depends on browser implementation).
I’m curious because we are using pretty mindless animation of “typing” RichText by simply changing the whole string every frame or two and it works well on all browsers


var index = 0;
this.chats.forEach(function(element) {
this.richTexts[index] = true;
this.richTexts[index].string = element;
}, this);
i tested it again and come to conclusion that it was the problem of setting a large string to any component label/richtext. if you assign a large string to anything/component causes the problem