Retrieve existing atlas from scene

Hi is there a way I can retrieve the atlas that’s been used by any node on the stage the create sprite dynamically with the atlas?
I do not want to load the atlas dynamically due to the delay.


Can you describe the current atlas loading steps and the steps you want?
You can give me some diagrams to show the difference, and let me know what you need.

Hi, the atlas loading step currently is using the code below, where the image will only appear after a few seconds, when if I put the code at the preload function
cc.resources.load(this.atlasNames, cc.SpriteAtlas, this.loadProgress.bind(this), this.loadCompleted.bind(this));

comparing to if I drag and drop the images into the node in cocos creator, all the images will appear immediately when the scene is shown.

I’m wondering if I can drag one of the images that are on the same atlas into the scene, and then refer to that node’s atlas to retrieve another image on that atlas to change the texture of another node?