Resolved cocos2d-x could port ios 3.x

Resolved cocos2d-x could port ios 3.x
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I found that there is just one line code cannot used in ios 3.0.

ios 3.0 has no UITextRange port.
So, in the file
We can’t write code: [UITextRange alloc],
We should be change the codes:

    Class myUITextRange = NSClassFromString(@"UITextRange");
    if (myUITextRange==nil) {
        return nil;
    return [[[myUITextRange alloc] init] autorelease];

Course, after this changes. We should also change some other codes to permit the function return nil.


So ios 3.x has no UITextRange class…
Our class UITextInput is a component of CCTextField, this feature meet the some problem on android, different interfaces on between different API levels.
Before merge this code into master, we had better to define the lowest ios version & android api level that cocos2d-x can support.
`yangws should take a look on this case.

`XuDong Zhai, Thanks for your contribution!


Is this implemented in the master now? Or whats the lowest iOS version it will run on?



Looking at the in the repository it seems it wasn’t implemented yet.


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