[REQUEST] Dedicated Cocos Dev on the English Forum

[REQUEST] Dedicated Cocos Dev on the English Forum
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@walzer Can we have more dev from your side to monitor the issues raised on the english forum? There are lots of unanswered technical issues.

The rest of the community tried to help as much as possible but since Creator is closed source in some manner, there are still some issues that requires your team expertise to resolve.

We’ve been told to raise issues on the forum since there isn’t a platform for that but what’s the point to raising them when only the community (limited access to source) replying? Most of the time we are just doing guess work on the underlying stuff.


After all, forum isn’t a good system to manage issues.
I just discussed with the team, there’s some solutions:

  • use the issue system in GitHub.com/cocos-creator/engine/ instead. But it’s hard for us to manage between the engine project and the real editor project which is private
  • use trello instead

Any suggestions?


How about this? https://www.bugzilla.org/
It is currently being used by mozilla. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/


I was a bout to write a message here stating this situation. Thank you @jake72 for doing so.

I’m one of those non Chinese developers that have been working with Creator for the past few months. I created a small (non original) game and manage to publish it on App Store and Google Play.

I do have previous experience as producer. I had my own gaming studio 3 years ago. And I managed to produce an publish a few successful HTML5 games for my clients (a few of them are still among the top on Spil’s portals). We started creating HTM5 games in 2011, way ahead of the rest of the world. So I’m a true supporter and believer of HTML5 future.

In my experience, Creator is awesome. I do not longer have a studio, and now I’m working as a lone developer with the only assistance of a fantastic game designer/artist.

A team of 2 can now produce a game that would have need a team of 4x in 2014. With Creator, I can produce as much as 3x game developers from 2014 (maybe more). I absolute love it, and I expect to release a new original premium game later this year.

Still, there are a lot of challenges for early adopters and lone developers like me. This forum is fantastic because I can talk with other english speaker developers. However most of the time, we felt powerless. We are facing a lot of bugs, and most if the time we don’t know if those are bugs, or we are just doing something wrong… The lack of support and proper documentation, is utterly frustrating.

And we saw a lot of things happening on Chinese forums, and developers answering questions there. But not here.
@walzer I really want to keep working with Creator, but we need your support.


This is also quite popular: https://canny.io/


That is correct. But it is a good place to help developers understand best practices with Creator. Or help them on how to do something with Creator.


I just sent an email to GitHub, ask them if they can add a feature that “open issue system to public, while keep source code closed in a private repository”. If GitHub can add this feature, then it will back to our familiar workflow.