Remote developer for hire

Remote developer for hire


Hi, all.

I’m a full stack developer with 15+ years of experience in various projects and technologies. I can develop from the scratch wide types of applications, and also I have an expirience with Cocos2d-x. You can try my Cocos2d-x project - [GAME] Looncan Gems 2 I don’t shy to plunge into open source frameworks that I’m using and fix or improve it. I created few pull requests with fixes and improvments of Cocos2d-x then I developed my game. Also I can divide your bussiness idea to concrete development plan with small tasks and distribute them by the roles inside the team. It was the only 3 memebers team (including myself) who created my game, but I had a very detailed plan in JIRA how to walk from the idea to releases.

Now I’m looking for good team who create an interesting game project using Cocos2d-x. Resume and further profile info can be shared when asked for. Please contact me via PM.

Best Regards.


Hi, send me please your resume to PM.