[Released iOS & Android] Messy Paths puzzle arcade game, made with Cocos2d-x

[Released iOS & Android] Messy Paths puzzle arcade game, made with Cocos2d-x

Check out my game Messy Paths! Unique puzzle arcade. Tap switches to change paths and match same color balls.

Release date for iOS and Andorid, September 29, just a few days!



Game trailer: https://youtu.be/16_S-_zmP3s
(updated game trailer link :sweat:, thanks Codemattic)

My website: http://nurium.com/



Looks awesome!

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Wow - the gameplay looks fun and clever and the production values for a puzzle game are through the roof! Good luck in the stores on the 29th.

(I dont think the game trailer youtube link you posted is correct :frowning: )

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I can help with translate to German if needed/wished.

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Updated game trailer link.


Looks great!

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Looks great!

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Available on iOS and Android


iOS still waiting for review :roll_eyes:


The graphics are amazing! Well done!

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excellent game, looks pretty nice!

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Also on iOS now! Give it a try! is pretty fun :wink:


It would be cool, if you can raise for Android the target API from 15 to at least 23 (currently 26 is the latest).

Another real cool change would be to switch the orientation from landscape to landscapeSensor, so the mobile device can be used in both landscape views.


Why targeting only higher API?


About higher API I’m not really sure what to do. Using some SDKBox modules and not sure if it is safe to upgrade.

About screen orientation, i’ll fix that in a next release.


With a larger API the app isn’t running in “compat mode”. It could be, that app build with a real low target will be running not that smooth on newer devices.

PS: And since API 23 Android added runtime permissions. This is a big feature and I know many users who won’t install an app, without runtime permissions.


But target and minimum api level are 2 different things. Of course you want the highest target api to have for example runtime permissions. But changing minimum api level to higher will cut off some users. Of course targeting < 4.0 is not profitable anymore (admob and other google services won’t work for example).


Did I wrote something about minSDK? I can’t find it. All I mentioned was the target.

PS: My profession is Android dev (with Java/Kotlin), so I know the difference between min, target and compile sdk version.


Ok I misunderstood then and agree with you :slight_smile:

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