Recommended Apache Ant and Android NDK versions for 3.15.1

Recommended Apache Ant and Android NDK versions for 3.15.1
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What are the recommended Apache Ant and Android NDK versions for 3.15.1?

Is it stated somewhere in the release notes?


I think that for every cocos2d-x release we should have strict (with exact version) list of android dependencies.

In that way cocos2dx developers and users will have the same environment and the same problems/bugs.

Something like ndk 12b+.



In it says “NDK r11+ is required to build Android games”. But in, when you click the NDK download link you get NDK r10e.
And here: Android Studio support, users say they use r13b or r14 with cocos v3.15 depending on Android Studio version.
I guess you should use whatever is working for you!


I’m sorry to revive this topic, but as a person new to cocos I have run into problems when using NDK r16 + Android 22. I will try today with old version as r11, but it would be great if “tried and tested NDK version” would be recommended in the documentation instead of “11+”.

In case NDK development would go astray cocos users would have something to hold on.


I have:
Android Studio 3.0.1
and everything is fine with cpp or js project


Many thanks! Works like a charm :slight_smile: This should be added to the documentation.


Android Studio 3.1 Canary 5
NDK 16.1.4479499
Target 27
minSDK / NDK compile version 19
cocos 3.16

this is the bleeding edge and it’s working.


:smiley: risky configuration )


I know, but I’m the early adopter in the company and I test the newest stuff. If it breaks, I revert to the version before that. I also had Android 8.1 (the latest Android - API27) on my Pixel XL phone, so I can test this also.