Recommend a good UI library for windows?

Recommend a good UI library for windows?
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cocos2d-x UI is geared for mobile so it is not really optimal for building custom tools like levels editors. Can anyone recommend a good Windows UI library that I can use with cocos2d-x? Preferably with drag and drop features kind of like QT has, but it’s not a requirement. I just want UI elements that a standard window would have (panels, drop down menus, file/edit/view toolbars etc.).


I don’t think many of us go this far. Those of us that do probably roll our own or use QT.


You could try
Looks like it’s free below 100K.
This is very powerful, don’t know of drag n drop anyway, check the docs
It’s C++ and it should be cocos integrated, I remember a post somewhere…


I see. Not sure about QT because I wanted to bundle coco2d-x with the editor so that I could play the level with a click of a button and as well to deploy the editor to windows players if it ever came to that. When you say “roll our own”, do you mean using like Nodes and Sprites to code all the elements?

Also another question in regards to UI, this time for mobile platforms, with cocos studio support being terminated what tools are people using now to quickly implement their UIs?


those prices over 100k are quite scary though


sure they are!:confused:
costs more than anything i’ve ever seen:worried:
roll your own, yes, means use ui element from cocos2dx/ coco studio. it’s eold but should still be working. i don’t think ui system changed very much since then.
or SpriteBuilderX - editor for Cocos2d-X with C++ support
or your flavor with, maybe, imgui…


imGUI is pretty good as well for in-game editing tools.


sprite builder looks cool but it looks like it’s only for xcode/osx. Is there no visual studio/windows equivalent? Otherwise I think I’ll go with Imgui or maybe roll my own. Thank you for the options.


Try Electron? Cocos Creator is built with that.


afaik no, it’s for mac only. you could use electron as suggested by @jake72 but then you have to write c++ binding to node.
For a fast, dirty and cheap, look no further than imgui. I’ve used last week and it’s good enough…