[Real Time Node Tree、DrawCall Analysis] Cocos Inspector Plugin


Cocos Inspector is a plugin of CocosCreator, support v2.x and v3.x, it has a stand-alone electron window, not a browser extension;

Key Features

it supports realtime node tree display and control, and drawcall num show of almost every node, and show & edit beautiful components detail of selected node

directly choose 2d & 3d node by hover node in scene, if hover mode is openning;

and supports break on node events by node tree context menu;
or disable auto update of partial node at there.


because there is too many useful features in the version history of plugin page

so, i will not show all features in this post, if u have any question, can reply this post.

if u know chinese, u can get more information of chinese forum:

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this version for ccc3.x

  1. support show children count in node tree;
  2. improve Show DevTool in Tab mode,no need to change setting more;


  1. support dragging resolution for ccc3.x
  2. fix bug: locate wrong after modified resolution

Plugin Page

today u commented a error;
what happened? could u tell me the detail?