Real-time multiplayer after 2020 March 31?

Hello. I successfully use sdkbox gpg::GameServices in my C++ project for real-time multiplayer.

2019 September 16 I’ve get a letter from Google:
We’d like to inform you that on March 31, 2020, the real-time and turn-based multiplayer APIs in Google Play Games Services will no longer be available.

You’ll need to find replacements in order to continue offering multiplayer experiences. Migration options include using Firebase Realtime Database for multiplayer hosting and Google Cloud OpenMatch for matchmaking.

Q: When where will be the update in sdkbox? Thank you.

Thanks for you info.
I will record this and discuss the upgrade.


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Any news? Any progress?

We can ask @yinjimmy to update us.

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I’m sorry, there is no plan with Firebase Realtime Database.


It is a bad news for me - I have spent a lot of time to create my game, and going to make its online (realtime) multiplayer version.

Q1: When it could appear in your plans?

Q2: Is it possible (and how) to integrate C++ Firebase Realtime Database into Cocos project, to add into it online realtime multiplayer?

All I need - to create a game match room (with players auto-search), to send a short message to all participants, and to recieve message from a participant via call-back function.

Or what else would you recommend to use? - this is my project network multiplayer, going to work till 31-03-2020.
I need for it an update - to migrate network multiplayer on Firebase: to connect with other device and to send/recieve messages.
Any help, how to do it?

From official page:

Firebase plugin for Cocos2d-x

Firebase products like Analytics, Realtime Database…

NOTE: Now, SDKBOX Firebase plugin supports the function of analytics ONLY. More other functions in Firebase will be coming soon…

Q: When?
Is Realtime Database support in SDKBOX plans?

All I need is to create a game match room (with players auto-search), to send a short message to all match participants, and to receive message from a participant via call-back function.

Hello, Wha is it version Cocos2d-x of your project? Plase check this Cocos2d-x 3.x, I can help you with setup you proyect.

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