Quick question on Scrollview [SOLVED]

[UPDATE: I implemented this by adding a new field to CCScrollView, which I named “flipDragDirection” and I can toggle that in my classes.]

Hi, my game runs on iOS, Mac, and Windows, and I use extensions::Scrollview in many places. Users on the desktop version would like me to reverse the scroll direction, which makes sense (desktop UX is different from phone). In other words if I hold the mouse down and move the mouse up, they’d like to scroll down (at a minimum, this would be nice to have if the mouse is over by the scrollbar). So far, I haven’t found a way to reverse the direction of the scroll.

Does anyone have any insight or suggestion on this?

Also, are there any compelling reasons to rewrite my code to use ui::Scrollview rather than the extensions one? Unless it just brings great functionality (like maybe the scroll direction I’m trying to implement), I’d rather not take that time yet.