Questions about the mask component

I need to cut out various shapes from a texture for puzzle games. Currently using Cocos Creator 3.6.0.
Tell me, please, what type of mask has the least impact on the performance of the game engine?
Would like to use GRAPHICS_STENCIL. Tried the example from Cocos Creator 3.6 User Manual->Mask Component Reference, got
error: “Error: [Scene] ‘’ is deprecated, please use ‘Mask.subComp’ instead.”
Visual Studio Code - Property ‘graphics’ does not exist on type ‘Mask’:

But the mask works!
Will GRAPHICS_STENCIL be supported in future versions of the engine or will there be an alternative?
What can be done with ‘Mask.subComp’?

I’ve used “Mask._graphics” in 2.x version, check if it still works in 3.x ?

Yes, I wrote that it works, but it gives a warning: “Error: [Scene] ‘’ is deprecated, please use ‘Mask.subComp’ instead.” in the browser and in the Cocos Creator console, as well as in
Visual Studio Code - “Property ‘graphics’ does not exist on type ‘Mask’”

In the engine, the mask uses the _graphics, you can use it normally.

Thanks I was just confused by the deprecated API warning.