Question - Dragonbones - swap atlas during runtime possible?

Question - Dragonbones - swap atlas during runtime possible?
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Basically I managed to create two db atlases and import them to cocos as follows:

  1. import dragonbones asset to cocos creator
  2. Navigate to it’s folder (r click>open in explorer)
  3. copy and paste the YourAsset_tex.json file and YourAsset.png file - so they have a duplicate each
  4. Open the new copy - NewYourAsset_tex.json file and change the line that points to the original texture:
    YourAsset.png --> NewYourAsset.png
  5. Edit the new duplicate of the atlas image (NewYourAsset.png) - change the hue or scribble ontop for test
  6. Back in cocos creator, drag and drop NewYourAsset_tex resource ontop of the dragonbones-atlas box, to replace the original one

The editor will not update it with the new one, until you save and restart. However if you run the game - you will see that the new atlas works and now you have two functional atlases in your cocos creator project.

Now my question is -
how do I swap them during runtime via script? I couldn’t find any example code of that anywhere.
Help much appreciated


So basically nobody here knows how to swap an atlas during runtime?

Btw the dragonbones demo example is way too complicated and does not show skinned meshes at all