Purrtastic Four - Physics Puzzles With Cats [HTML5]

Purrtastic Four - Physics Puzzles With Cats [HTML5]

Purrtastic Four is a level-based physics puzzle: place all the cats, or throw all the cats so they eventually end up in balance.

Made with Cocos Creator and Typescript.

Go on, have some fun tossing cats around! :smiley:

(if, at times, there’s strange behavior, it’s because of this Big Issue With Animated Rigid Body In CC 2.0.6 :smiley: )


Terrific fun! Cute and funny and challenging - nice job!

I do think the instructions on how to launch a cat could be a little more specific. Instead of saying “select your power level” maybe write something like “drag to select your direction and launch speed”. It took me a couple of tries before I realized what I was supposed to do there.

Also when checking to see if I completed a level, if a cat falls off screen, I shouldn’t have to wait out the rest of the clock to learn I failed - just fail me and let me try again immediately please.

These are small things though - overall the game is solid - congrats!

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glad you’ve enjoyed playing it. thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:


Congrats on releasing. It looks fun.