Published 3.17 to App Store

Anyone here recently published a 3.17 project to the iOS App Store? Wondering if they still allow it due the deprecation of OPENGL.


I didn’t have issues. Did you receive a rejection?

Right now, its not an issue. But in next 2 days will come to know whether they will allow OpenGL further or not in WWDC.

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@slackmoehrle I plan to release couple of games soon to iOS with 3.17 wanted to make sure it’s still possible.

@smitpatel88 2 days, don’t think I can get it out before. I take it if OpenGL is not allowed anymore we would need to upgrade to 4.0?

Yes v4 bit really just for iOS you could keep android at v3

I published a 3.17 project with no problems


Seems from wwdc 2020 OPENGL is marked as deprecated.

Deprecated but not yet removed.

It was already deprecated.
@slackmoehrle I think it will be supported till next 2 years

Right. There is more time before it no longer works.

Hey, Any idea what are the plans for Cocos Creator in terms of Metal support?

We do plan to support Metal. I don’t know a roadmap, but I will ping the engineering team and ask.

I have just recently published a Cocos2d v3.17 app to the iOs app store. The date was right around June 16, 2020. I originally developed, and released the first version of the app a few days prior, using Cocos2d v4.0, but, unfortunately, I immediately had issues with people complaining that it didn’t work on their ‘non-metal’ devices - so I was forced to downgrade the project back to v3.17. Bummer, as I preferred using the newest version, but I cant just ignore a large percentage of potential users, especially if I am making the app for a client and not myself. I tried at least… :frowning:

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I published a game with cocos2dx v3.17 libraries about month ago and there were no any rejections from apple. The game in store now and works fine.