@property(cc.Pageview) becomes PageViewRevamp help. (有中文)

Hello, I have been facing an issue where @property(cc.Pageview) inspector property becoming PageViewRevamp then not able to drag pageview component to the property anymore. Hence becoming null reference error.

Sometimes reloading the project works but currently nothing works. Urgently need help regarding this thanks.

现在遇到的问题是cc.PageView property 在 inspector 变成了 PageViewRevamp (非常奇怪), 有时关了再开过Cocos可以解决. 但是现在卡在PageViewRevamp. 兄弟门帮帮忙.

Cocos Creator version: 2.4.6


加Component 有两个PageView

Adding component has 2 existing pageview component

I’m sorry I don’t have a way to reproduce this question, you can try.

  1. reinstall version 2.4.6 of creator or install a higher version
  2. It is possible that the problem is caused by some cache, you can delete the library/temp/local folder under the project file and restart the editor.