ProgressTimer not visible. Issues on Android 7+

ProgressTimer not visible. Issues on Android 7+
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The ProgressTimer (CCProgressTimer) is on some Android Devices invisble (or just not rendered). But same Code without any changes works well on Android < 7 and IOS. This Issue was reported early 2017 by another user, but closed as “not reproduceable”. (when I find the link I’ll post the link here) I can confirm that the ProgressTimer has some strange behaviour on different devices (such as XI Redmi Note 4).

Maybe someone made same experience or just can post a solution for this!?!

Cocos2d-x ProgressTimer not showing up on Android

Here is the the Link
This “Bug” seems to be still present on some Devices (just downloaded new version of CCProgressTimer).

I switched to UILoadingBar and everything is fine now. So this post is ment for the Cocos2d-x Developer. If you still want to improve cocos2d-x… here is a user-report for you.

Other informations: the ProgressTimer is child of a Sprite Object which has spritesheet animations and moves around. the shaders of both Objects are the default ones.

For me the state of this post is now “solved” as I found a alternative solution