Progress of new backend API

Progress of new backend API


@stevetranby Mac Mini Late 2014 model & MacBook Pro Late 2013


@zhangxm You also need to change here too. Still crashing for me after your latest commit.


Done, thanks. My MBP is mid 2012, which is older than yours, but it can work.


@zhangxm did the integration with cocos2d-x started? are you going to use a different forum thread for that, or you will continue to update this one till the end?


Yep, we started integration. I will update the information in this thread, and mention it if changing to a new ticket.


@zhangxm @drelaptop could you release cocos2dx 3.18 (with latest Android ndk 18) before you start integration with new renderer?


Sure, we planed to release it at the end of this month.


Hey @zhangxm
Have you made any progress with cocos2dx integration?


It is in progress, i was asked to support cocos runtime and will continue the work next week. There is another guy working on it too. I will update it here if there is any progress.