Problem with SdkboxAdsListener and InMobi

Hey guys,

I’m using InMobi, Appnext, AdColony and AdMob plugins with SdkboxAds plugin. I’ve also subclassed the PluginSdkboxAdsListener to catch various ad events. Everything is working as expected except InMobi events. For example, I can catch AD_STARTED or AD_ENDED events of AdMob ads but PluginSdkboxListener::onAdAction method not even getting called for InMobi ads.

I also tried to subclass the InMobiListener and implemented the required methods (in my case they are interstitialDidPresent and interstitialDidDismiss) but those methods are not getting called too.

I also searched the forums but still no luck. Any ideas?

We’ll look into this and let you know.

@nite I still couldn’t solve this problem. Do you have any updates?

@ArdaOzupek we are working on this issue, it should be fix in next release