Problem with SDKBox Ratings & Reviews on iOS

Problem with SDKBox Ratings & Reviews on iOS
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Hello, guess i’m doing something wrong. Having with Ratings & Reviews in iOS. Works fine on Android but on iOS App Store opens but I’m getting a blank page with the following text: "Your request produced an error. [newNullResponse]

SDKBox Share config:

  "Review": {
    "LaunchLimit": 0, 
    "DayForReminding": 2, 
    "tryPromptWhenInit": false, 
    "AppID": "1268800298",
    "DayLimit": 0, 
    "LaunchForReminding": 2, 
    "UserEventLimit": 0

Screenshot from App Store:


Nobody experienced the same or knows what could be happening? Have the game in the stores and iOS users can’t rate the game. Thanks.


Can you post the URL of your game on itunes?


Its the same id.


I tested with Xcode9 and iOS11 with project cpp

reproduced this issue in Simulator and iPhone 6s device.


just release a hotfix release for Review plugins.
U can update with command:

sdkbox update -s main --nohelp