Problem with SDK Admob

Hi Guys! I was trying for sometime to integrate your admob sdkbox in my iOS app. Apple rejects my builds , because of UIWebView api reference. I have checked multiple times with [ nm myapp-mobile | grep UIWebView ] command and I do really see this class in app symbols. Admob is an important option of monetising the mobile applications, and I have found no creditable solution to this issue. Updating the sdk and using cocoapods to install latest updates , does not help. Can you please help me ?

Sdkbox can help.

Thank you for your reply , of cause I have tried sdkbox first hand. unfortunately the default integration yields references to UIWebView, and I can not figure out how to get rid of them , replacing them with WKWebView as apple recommends, because these references originate in the code of sdkbox that I don’t control. Can you please have a look at this issue ?