Problem with scrrolview children sticking together in cocos creator

I would like to use scrrolview, but I am having problems.

First, I create a minimal scrollview in a new project, duplicate the [item] node under Content and rename each text as follows.

I think there is an item somewhere in scrrolview that sets the spacing of the nodes under content.
But no matter how hard I look for it, it is not there.

The “test-list” scene in the Demo UI of the Examples project also uses scrrolview and does not have this problem.
However, I could not solve this problem because I do not know where the difference between Demo UI and my scrrolview is causing this problem.

My version of CocosCreater is 3.8.2

It’s not about the scrollView. The node content has a component named cc.Layout.
Pls change the property named spacingY of cc.Layout to adjust space between those child items

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But the content node of scrollView has no cc.Layout, need to add manually.

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So pls try changing the height of content in cc.UITransform
The items are just duplicated & being placed at the same position

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Sorry. Sorry for the delay in answering.
This answer solved the problem.
Thank you.