Problem with node color and Spine in 1.4

Problem with node color and Spine in 1.4
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Changing the node Color or Opacity does not affect spine sp.Skeleton component anymore. It is a huge blocker for our game and prevent us from going to Creator 1.4 right now.

It is working in Creator 1.3.1

Cocos Creator v1.4 released!

I think it was some bug in spine version - update manually spine runtime from spine git in cocos core or rollback to old one spine version but new cocos.


This is not a solution, you can’t just change a runtime in Cocos Creator, it would ask to recompile it, and distribute this “fixed” version to everyone in the team, (We are near 10 persons working on this project)

Add to the fact that the Creator runtime for Spine will not be the same at all from the base Cocos 2d runtime.


This problem is fixed with this PR. I’m sorry that it’s merged after the 1.4 version is published. So, it will be released in the next version. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Like I said, take that changes which was committed for fix and include them in your project (cocos2d/spine) -> then just commit this changes and everyone from your team should grab same cocos2d committed version. Of course it depends how you handle your code between devs.

I’m assuming you should check inside /Applications/ for this fix

Also there is no case to keep cocos2d provided spine version as there is much newest version of spine - which supports much more options then bundled version - and it should not impact cocos creator as it is just module not core of it.


Have you worked with Creator ? You sound like you did not…

Creator is a stand alone solution with its builded engine. If I change something inside it, the engine must be rebuilded and then I need to send Cocos Creator to everyone on the team.

The engine is not commit in our project.

Cocos Creator is exactly like Unity, you can’t just change some part of it on the fly, no one will have them. And I don’t have the time nor the desire to hunt down change in Spine and make sure they fit with the Creator Component.

If I was working directly with Cocos 2d engine yes, but this is not the case right now. So I will wait for the next release of Creator and use their version of the fix.


Yeah, you right I’m not working with it, but as I see u can open Creator app on mac with “Show contect option” and modify any file inside and there is cocos folder with broken spine version, so u can easily change it and if I’m not wrong creator project is compiled against bundled in it cocos so it should have immediate effect. So you can have Creator app itself in git in case u need to modify cocos core so everyone from your team can have latest core engine modification.


I tried the fix for fun and it is fix for color, but not for alpha, _displayedOpacity must be used instead of _displayedColor.a for the alpha support.

in SGSkeletonWebGLRenderCmd.j:

var nodeColor = this._displayedColor;
var nodeR = nodeColor.r,
nodeG = nodeColor.g,
nodeB = nodeColor.b,
nodeA = this._displayedOpacity;