Problem with integrating chartboost on android

Problem with integrating chartboost on android
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Hi guys!

I managed to combine ios & android versions of my game. I have integrated admob but faced a problem with chartboost. It doesn’t show up. I integrated it many time before in previous (not cocos2dx) projects.

Added permissions to manifest:

Here is initialization:

public class HomeActivity extends Cocos2dxActivity
private Chartboost cb;

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)

this.cb = Chartboost.sharedChartboost();
String appId = “";
String appSignature = "
this.cb.onCreate(this, appId, appSignature, null);

// Show an interstitial

Btw, in ios version everything works just fine.

Please help! :slight_smile:


Have you put the “this.cb.onStart(this);” in your onStart, and the onExit part, etc…. from the Chartboost guide?

Then when you want to show an ad, cache an ad:

And show an ad: