Problem with custom text input on Android

Problem with custom text input on Android

We are implementing a custom text input box which inherits cocos2d::IMEDelegate. All is working good on iOS and Mac, but when I came to test on Android, things got a bit confusing. I wanted to keep the keyboard on screen like it is by default on iOS, but when I call pGlView->setIMEKeyboardState(true); it pops up a full screen white input box along with the keyboard. This does not flow like I want and is inconsistent across platform. Is there anyway to suppress this popup box and simply show the keyboard?

I bet some of our great Android developers can help… @R101, @mars3142 @dimon4eg @tdebock

I can tell this is normal behavior for Android.
Don’t know how to change this behavior.

Your game is in landscape mode, right? As @dimon4eg said, this is the default behavior in Android for landscape mode, if you use the native SDK views. I believe cocos2d-x is using them and because of that, you can’t do anything against it.

Alright, thank you for clarifying that for me. It’s now working as needed with the slightly annoying white popup, but if that is what Android does naturally, I suppose it won’t be too disruptive.