Problem with compiling native project

when I try to compile this error shows up is there a solution to this ?
Error: Compile failed. The log file path [ C:\Users\erez.CocosCreator\logs\native.log ]

What version of Creator are you using?

im using cocos creator version 2.3.4

Thanks. I will ask engineering to have a look.

Please share the content of this file.

I also hope, you’ve followed this guide to setup for your Native Cocos Development.

i didnt see the part that says not to update the android studio so i reinstalled . do you know how i should check if its the correct version? i do not have any experience with android studio.
oh and thanks for the reply :smile: .

i succeeded compiling the project but when i try to run it shows an error for the same file.
Failed to run project. The log file path [ C:\Users\erez.CocosCreator\logs\native.log ]
eve though i fixed the problem the first time.
what could be the reason for this

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