Problem With Ant

Problem With Ant
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I am trying to build the proj.visualstudio in VS2015, and I am getting an error.

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error MSB3073 The command ""C:\NVPACK\apache-ant-1.8.2\bin\ant.bat" debug"C:\cocos2d-x-3.14.1\Projects\testCocos3\proj.visualstudio\Cocos2d\ARM\Debug\CocosVisualStudio.apk"" exited with code 1. Cocos2d C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\MDD\Android\V140\Android.Common.targets 378

I get the same error even when I try ant1.9 and 1.10.

I don’t understand the code in line 378 nor it’s relation to the error.
378 <Exec Condition="'@(_copiedFiles)' != '' or '$(IsLocalDirectory)' == 'true' or '$(IsLastBuildUnsuccessful)' == 'true'" Command="&quot;%(AntPackage.ToolPath)&quot; %(AntPackage._AdditionalOptions)%(AntPackage.AntTarget);$(PackagePath)&quot;" WorkingDirectory="$(PackageOutputPath)" ContinueOnError="ErrorAndContinue"/>

Can someone help me with this please.


I am not sure that proj.visualstudio has been updated for 3.14.1, it is maintained by Microsoft. Where did you get the version you are using now?


Wow. I don’t recall, but it is ‘’, so maybe it’s not compatible with 3.14.
Maybe this is the right one then?
…from this link:
I’ll try this one, and see.


Oh. That one was even worst. I didn’t even bother to examine the thirty-something errors it produced.

I am of the opinion that using Cocos Studio and Cocos Creator is the best way to develop cocos projects, but I noticed that most people seem to be using the other methods.
I went through the docs for both editors, and I started using Studio, and everything looks easy peazy, including editing with Cocos Code IDE. I can even publish a visual studio project from there.

I plan to go this route, but I am wondering if there are any disadvantages here, since I noticed that most users seem to use other IDEs. What are your thoughts?