Problem with animatable property

Problem with animatable property

I have two classes. The first one represents a property type:

export class SectionOne {
    property({ animatable: true  })
    public someProp: number = 0;

The other class is the component which shows the SectionOne class properties inside:

export class MyComponent extends cc.Component {
    @property({ type: SectionOne, animatable: true  })
    public sectionOne = new SectionOne();

    onLoad() {}
    start() {}
    update() {}

Now when I am trying to animate someProp within the timeline window, it makes the entire property to be null. In other words I cannot animate this property at all. I cannot insert key frame to someProp.

Can anyone help with this?

@slackmoehrle please tell me its not a bug…

I need to refer to @jare.

I really need a solution for this… Can someone provide help?

We can ask @jare to take a look at this.

Any news? Could we have a fix soon? @jare @slackmoehrle

We are still waiting for feedback about this. Can you please check this and response? @jare @slackmoehrle.


Sorry, embedded struct is not supported in TImeline. Can you try to use something like

get someProp () { return this.sectionOne.someProp; }
set someProp (val) { this.sectionOne.someProp = val; }

Will it ever be dupported in the next versions?
If so, when? It is very importent because we created components with lots of options