Problem when creating cc.GLProgramm()

Problem when creating cc.GLProgramm()
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So I tried to create a cc.GLProgramm by using source from git. Unfortunately there is quite a weird problem which seems to have to do with inner classes of cocos:

    Uncaught TypeError: locGL.createProgram is not a function 
@ CCGLProgram.js:200cc.Layer.extend.ctor @ layerBlur.js:7(anonymous function) 
@ CCClass.js:128Class 
@ CCClass.js:90cc.Scene.extend.onEnter 
@ menuScene.js:11(anonymous function) 

Maybe somone can recreate this issue by using this code from git:


Sad that nobody can help me with this.
I did some debugging in the loaded Cocos-JS Library and obviously the function createProgramm is not defined in the Variable locGL, which is a reference to the glContext. Is this a real bug or is there any solution?


Can’t help you directly, but you could look at the openGL test where a custom shader is implemented.


Thanks but I figured out the problem elsewhere.
If you run your Cocos2d-js application in chromes developer tools, shaders won’t work. So just turning off developer tools and all shaders work fine…


still not work(v3.13)