Problem of box2d simulation

I am trying to use “Sleep Parameters”, allowSleep and awake.
By the definition in Box2d manual, “When Box2D determines that a body (or group of bodies) has come to rest, the body enters a sleep state which has very little CPU overhead. If a body is awake and collides with a sleeping body, then the sleeping body wakes up. Bodies will also wake up if a joint or contact attached to them is destroyed. You can also wake a body manually.
The body definition lets you specify whether a body can sleep and whether a body is created sleeping.”
When I set awake = false, which means the body is sleeping after it is created.
I can create a sleeping body successfully, but when I add one more sleeping body near by(not collided), those body awake immediately.
It violates the definition in Box2d manual. Is it a normal case?

I have the same problem (in 2017:worried:) and no solution…