Prebuilt win32 websockets.dll is debug version

Dependency downloaded by includes a prebuilt win32 websockets.dll in debug version instead of release version. The dependency walker indicates that it was linked to VCRUNTIME140D.DLL which is a VC debug runtime DLL.

Yes, there is lots of problems with current pre-built.

Please help us to fix it:

firstlly, don’t worry about it if you prepare publish a Android/iOS game.

Next external repo cocos2d/cocos2d-x-external will save us. Now the external didn’t suppliy both debug and release libs, win32 prebuilt libs is been compiled one by one, so it will host much time to maintain.

Hi guys,

I’m stuck on releasing Win32 version. Stuck for a week already. Anybody have normal example how to do that?
I’m using VS Express 2017, everything is fine with Debug version. Release version also works if you have installed VS in your pc, but unfortunatelly prebuilt dll’s, like websocket or uv uses VCRUNTIME140D.DLL. Normal pc users can’t run release version without VS installed.

I am no expert on CMake, but I tried it also. Just wanted to buiild libs (dll’s) in Release version.
Followed this example:
In result of this I’ve got output:

let’s take bin/cpp-tests example, there was generated exe and dlls. But, these dll’s are also DEBUG.

I have tried to use libs instead dll’s, unfortunatelly I can’t successfully link libraries in VS.

Please make empty cocos2d-x project with all libraries included, compile it on Release, and try to run on it where no VS are installed in other words - let us deploy a win32 application.

@dogwalker I know deploys on win32, perhaps he has thoughts to help.

I deploy through Steam, and when you create a target in Steam, you can check various options to include different windows redistributables. I’ve had to include some past ones, but I haven’t tried creating any release products outside of Steam.

In addition to the Steam option, I did include websockets.dll (and .lib) in the release.win32 folder, but it’s been so long that I don’t recall whether I placed those there manually or cocos did.