powBox Game - Available on Android & iOS

powBox Game - Available on Android & iOS

Hi community!,
I’m very happy to announce the launch of my first game: powBox (Available on Android & iOS).

iOS Version: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/powbox/id1319543771?mt=8&uo=4
Android Version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.anstra.powbox

Thanks to the help of many members of this community I was able to make my first game. Simply thanks everyone :sunglasses:

Suggestions, bugs or criticisms are welcome :wink:

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Thanks. Did you understand how to play? Any doubt are welcome :wink:


It looks good!, although the character seems superfluous to me.
I realized that I should throw an element to the same, but I have doubts if neighboring elements affect the result. I’ll try the game on my phone later.

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Thanks! Did you play it? Any comments are welcome :sunglasses:


Ok, I am mostly going to criticize, because why write about what you did well? I mean, you do not need my comments on things that you already know how to do well.

The game has a localization, it is cool. Maybe you could localize the game page on Google Play too?

Very long black screen before the logo. Maybe Logo Scene and addImageAsync() will solve the problem.

You could add animations to the Main Scene, like sunlight or character animation.

The character is useful only during the tutorial, but he is not annoying and he is cute. Although I still can not understand the logical connection of numbers, green fields and the man in a white shirt, but perhaps this is just to create an intrigue. :smile:

The tutorial goes too fast, I did not have time to read some of the tips. I think it is better to show a tip, wait until a user touches the screen, go on …

I am still not sure that I understood correctly how the combo works.

About UI

Leaders do not work for me, probably because I do not have some Google service installed, in any case it would be better to notify the user what is wrong.

The pause button is too small, I missed several times.

On the game page, I see


  • Best Scores
  • Best Times 512
  • Best Times 1024
  • Best Times 2048

but I do not see a timer in the game.

The back button does not have a listener. :frowning: :sob:

By the way, what does Anstra mean?


Or maybe the initialization of some plugins (SDKBOX?) gives this result.


I forgot to say that I like the game. :slight_smile:

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Perfect!, I think the same :wink:

A lot of people do not like long tutorials, so I tried to make a summary and quick tutorial. If you didn’t understand the tutorial, you can re-view again. If you touch pause button, you have a button “Tutorial” for repeat.

The game is simple. The ball has a number (random between 2 and 4). You should shoot the ball to a box with the same number. Then the box number will be multiplied by 2. And if that box has another box in any direction (up, down, left, right) with the same number, the fusion between boxes and numbers continues.

Always the game will choose the longest path of fusion. Maybe if you view again the tutorial you understand.

Yes, if you don’t logged in to Google Play Services, you will not view the leaderboards.

It’s true. You are right. But I don’t have space for put a timer. Think in iPhone X, my space is very reduced and I prefer put the score instead of a timer.

My group. At this moment, the unique member is me. Hahaha.
Thanks for your comments!


I forgot a detail…

If you detect any bug, please report me the issue.
I don’t understand if “The tutorial goes too fast” means if that you don’t have time to read, or if the words are cutted and it’s impossible that you can read it.

I say this because in some devices I have problems with the tutorial. The words are cutted, i’m searching the cause.


This is displayed well, but disappears too fast, i.e. the character says the phrase, I manage to read only 2/3, the phrase disappears, and the next appears.
I like more like how the tutorial is done in C.A.T.S from Zeptolab.

Yes, I understood this, but often it is not working as I suppose. Perhaps because

I will experiment with this more.

If you move the pause button to the bottom right corner, then you will have a place for the timer. Or remove the record label from the game scene.
But this is a matter of preferences basically.
I just thought that if I tried to beat my time record, then I would like to see the current time.

I mean, does it has a translation? Or is it something unique like a combination of the letters of your name and your favorite drink?
The logo looks good by the way.


I think that this is considered as minor bug.


Ok I understand you. But if you lend concentrated attention, can you read everything?

Haha no, it’s not has a traduction. Is a name. Like “Coca cola” without translation.

What back button? The red button in the pause? It works for me. When I touch it, it redirects to the main scene.


Even the second time it is difficult. Although I was the one who fast reads compared to others in college. It may also be that the phrases in the English version are shorter than in the localized version.
The point here is that usually people come into games to relax, not for the competition in reading speed.

In fact, it has a translation, there is even a whole story behind this name. But I understood you.

The button on the Android Navigation Bar. Or the physical button on the device in my case.

The curved arrow at the bottom left.


Just wondering what getFrameSize() returns on the iPhoneX in portrait mode?


Yep you are right, the back button in android doesn’t work. Thanks for the comment!


You are welcome!


News :

  • New Version in Android has been published.
  • iOS soon. I’m waiting App Store Team approbation.

Simple and funny, congratulations.

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Thanks!!! :blush: