Porting cocos2dx 2.2.6 project to tizen

Porting cocos2dx 2.2.6 project to tizen
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Unable to import cpptest of 2.2.6 into tizen have many issues with .project,.cproject and manifest file,

I am usng tizen studio to import project into

main problem is

An internal error occurred during: “C/C++ Indexer”

if any one working on tizen using cocos2dx 2.2.6 please help me out creating project


I know we are using 3.8, IIRC for our Tizen examples.


is there any other way to port 2.2.6 project ?

@slackmoehrle @pyrasis


I am not aware of any. @owen do you know?


2.2.6 is very old, I think the Tizen support of 2.2.6 is only available with Tizen IDE, the Tizen Studio is pretty new and we have no plan to upgrade to Tizen Studio.

please stick to Tizen IDE if you want to use 2.2.6.


hey @owen @pyrasis I am working with tizen IDE itself,

I am facing problem importing projects into ide


@3lok, Hi, Mr./Miss.
ver2.2.6 is too old, if you really have to use it, you can do this:
use a later version working well on Tizen, and then replace Cocos2dx files with your local version,
but notice that, don’t change files in all tizen related folders.
In this way, you may get some compile errors of header not found, please change the include paths in settings dialog.