Pop N' Blast! [Puzzle/Reflexion]

Pop N' Blast! [Puzzle/Reflexion]
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Hello everybody!
I am very proud to publish my first game for mobiles, and it is made with cocos2d-x! :smile:

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PlayerONEStudio.PopNBlast

It contains two games in one that use similar mechanics:

  • A puzzle game, largely inspired by Bubble Blast in which you have to trigger chain reactions to clear a level and pop cells.
  • A reflexion/strategy game were you have to beat your opponents by eliminaing their cells.

Thank you for your time, and tell me if you have any question !!


congrats on the release. Your images are nice, are those actual people you know playing your game or stock images?


Thank you! Those are stock images.
Maybe someday I will have the skills to take such nice pictures ^^