Poll: Would you develop with Cocos Creator for Linux

Would you develop with Cocos Creator for Linux?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe, I currently use another OS I am happy with

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Hello .
Have you considered sharing the Poll in the Chinese forum too ?

I guess supporting Linux may make more developer interested in the Engine , from my perspective some dev may not use the engine just because it is not supporting (even if they don’t use Linux as a main Os , weird Hahah "Meeeh it doesn’t support Linux " as a reference :sweat_smile:) .
We would like to see this topic taking positive steps toward a Cocos Creator Official linux release .

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The goal of this topic is perspective and feedback for the engineering team. The team will make decisions based upon human resources and desires goals. We’ve technically had this poll before.


Based upon this discussion:

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I think it’d be useful for many people.

A bit off topic: maybe you’d reconsider (made a poll at least) Cocos Studio? Open source it :wink: Many people are still using it, but now it’s impossible on M1 Macs - Rosetta can only emulate 64 bit apps and you cannot also cannot virtualise older Mac OS, which supported 32 bit apps. I’m sure someone will fix it if it’ll be open sourced.

That’s not going to happen. It’s been EOLd for many years already and we wouldn’t put Human Resources into dusting this off and then dealing with supporting it.

That’s not the point. I’m sure simply putting source code on github doesn’t require extensive work.

Supporting it is another story - you can simply share the source code and state you won’t be able to help with support - I’m sure people will figure out issues by themselves.

You can even sell it, I’m sure many people will buy the code (we’d for sure) - it’s much cheaper to fix cocos studio code than completely rewriting like 50+ projects from scratch in Cocos Creator.

By open sourcing a project doesn’t mean it will not require human resource , instead open sourcing a project may require more support than a closed sourced project (Reviewing pull requests is a painful task as an example ) . in my opinion open sourcing a project will require more human resources .

You don’t have to do that - you can just ignore pull requests and state in readme you won’t accept pull requests - just let people fork the repo and work from here.

It also may be just a zip file on the forums.

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I agree with that , it is a better option .

Last week, I decided to make my new project using cocos creator, since it’s looking like a great option.

I prefer to use manjaro at home (variance of archlinux), and using other js libraries or playcanvas is working well with my preferred os.

I had to switch on windows 10 to get to know cocos creator. Would like to see linux as a supported platform.

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I understand your point. We aren’t the type of people to be hands off.

Cocos Studio still doesn’t run on Linux and iirc had some macOS performance issues at the last OS upgrade at the time.

It would be great to share this poll on Social media accounts :wink:

You shared it on Discord, feel free to share it where you wish. I can’t make any promises as the goal is to provide data, not make concrete decisions from this poll alone.

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