Poll: Visual Studio support?

Poll: Visual Studio support?
  1. Remove VS2013 support, just support VS2015. 2015 is more friendly with c++11, reduces testing time and some 3rd party libraries don’t have to provide dll for VS2013 and VS2015, which means smaller releasing package size
  • Remove 2013, keep 2015
  • No, I still need 2013.
  • Remove 2013 and 2015, just supporting 2017
  • I don’t care about this.

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It seems users in China just want 2017 mostly: http://forum.cocos.com/t/vs2013/36623

I can understand cocos dev concern BUT thing is VS2015 is very slow compare to VS2013.
Not tried 2017 yet.

If it helps cocos2d-x support then I’d say just support 2017 - after all, the base version is free & up to the job?