Poll: Remove VS 2013 support?

Poll: Remove VS 2013 support?
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Hi Everyone,

Can you take the time to read these questions and let us know your thoughts?

  1. Remove VS2013 support, just support VS2015. 2015 is more friendly with c++11, reduces testing time and some 3rd party libraries don’t have to provide dll for VS2013 and VS2015, which means smaller releasing package size
  • Yes, this is fine with me.
  • No, I still need VS2013.
  • I don’t care about this.

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Do VS 2015 work fine with Windows-8.1? If NO, pls DO NOT REMOVE.
Make sure you test before taking any decision.
Windows 10 is very slow.


Please don,t , what is the big deal to maintain 2013?
its Enough that each release of cocos it becomes Heavier and Heavier and its All in all just 2d engine …
i wish some one fork version 1.0 of cocos-x 2d the engine and just add the bug fixes and windows support .
super light and perfect


@Meir_yanovich i think @slackmoehrle list the reasons above.

@smitpatel88 i will make sure if VS2015 work fine with Windows-8.1.

Really? I will ask MS guys to take a look.


How about using premake for generating project ? So user can generate project regards to her/his IDE.


Someone still need to test it before deployment. So it needs double time to provide any changes. For simply, say if a new feature takes 2 months to develop for MS VS, now it takes 4 months.

Some C++11 statements are not supported in VS2013, but VS2015. So developers may need write the code in 2 methods, and prepare 2 testing environment.


@winipcfg yep, you are right. And some C++11 features can not be added because of VS2013 which can make codes more clean.


premake? We are plan to use cmake to do the thing.


I think he means: https://premake.github.io/



Yes, it is. I have small Gaming Studio with 3 dev, 2 have win8.1 with VS 2013 running and 1 has win10 with VS 2015
That win10 laptop is very slow, it doesn’t even give auto suggestions correctly. It hangs at that time. It has 8gb ram and 2.4gz i5 processor with dedicated nvidia 2gb graphics card.
So i am not sure whether it has problem with VS 2015 or win10.

Can you? :smiley: Please try. You will find bunch of blogs talking about this.


Yep, they maintains windows related platforms supporting.


Yes, in my office using premake for generating project. I have look at premake.lua (configuration file for premake). We can separate include the other project/files/folder regard to IDE needs. We can separates configuration for vs2013 and vs2015.


@smitpatel88 I got the answer from MS guy, he said:

I use Visual Studio 2015 to build both the Windows 8.1 (Phone and WinRT) and the Windows 10 UWP projects. I no longer use Visual Studio 2013 for development.

You can build Win32 desktop apps with VS Studio 2015 on Windows 8.1. Windows 10 is only required to run Windows 10 UWP apps. Visual Studio 2015 will run fine on a Windows 8.1 computer.

So there is not problem with removing VS2013.


Okay, thanks @zhangxm
I will try VS 2015 in win 8.1 in couple of days.
Can you please ask those guys about slow performance of VS 2015 in windows 10? May be some kind of minor changes can help in performance.
Below is Win 10 system’s config


Indeed, i asked him the question, but he didn’t reply me. I will ask him again. Because as i know he is not a team member of VS, so he may not know it too.


Ohk, thanks for helping.
I even tried couple of things shared in SO or blogs but nothing helped yet. :frowning:


If you take a look to official system requirements you will see that VS 2015 supports even Windows 7 and Windows server 2008. I use VS '15 on Win10 for build, then test exe on Windows 7, and all works fine. You only need install vs 2015 redistributable package on target PC.


I am using VS 2015 works fine with W8.1 (64-bit). Having no problem at all (programing/testing first as win32 app and then testing in Android for further checks)