Poll: Pick a video for us to make!

Poll: Pick a video for us to make!

We discussed tonight if we did start making videos, how would we go about it and what topics would we do. The conclusion is that we are going to make a few videos and see how it goes. The best part is you get to pick!

  • Installing and setting up Cocos2d-x on OS X (for iOS / OSX development, command-line and XCode)
  • Installing and setting up Cocos2d-x on for Android development on OS X and Windows. (Command-line development on OS X and Visual Studio on Windows)
  • Installing and setting up Cocos2d-x on Windows (for Windows development, command-line and using Visual Studio)
  • A video on getting started in basic game development with Cocos2d-x
  • A video on Sprites and a bunch of stuff about them (creating, manipulating, spritesheets, etc, etc)

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One video every 2 weeks and we can re-evaluate this process after the first few videos are made.

Please pick one of the above only. IF YOU HAVE A REALLY REALLY GOOD idea, list it below. But otherwise, this is a trial and pick from the list above.

You should just imagine that you never ever hear anything about cocos2d-x and you want to try it for development cross-platform games and finally see result and see that it works actually in a very simple starting way: like running just created using step by step guide testing project on iOS simulator and android device.

Maybe you could include most used SDKBOX components(Facebook, IAP, Admob etc.) for Cocos Creator. No matter if it is manual integration or not.

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Hello @slackmoehrle, This looks good for game development beginners or at-least for people new to Cocos2d-X coming from different engines or backgrounds. The target audience(Current/Future) for these videos might use any/all of the specified platforms or setups depending upon what OS they possess, so i think we should create getting started and setup videos for all the specified platforms and above mentioned scenarios. While Sprite and Scene graph is the basic building blocks for any type of game i can imagine. A video for beginners on this very important topic is a must to have.


@slackmoehrle hey why don’t you do for Tizen its a big mystery for many or atleast me :stuck_out_tongue:

(X) How to set up Cocos2d-x for Clion on Windows and OS X.

But we don’t officially support CLion yet. If we do, we can make a video about it.

Yeah, it’s really sad.

It seems to be gaining popularity and a few users have posted how they use AppCode recently too. Perhaps we can support it at some point.

I highly doubt it. This would make development too easy :wink: