Poll: Live stream game type

Poll: Live stream game type
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What style game should we code?

  • a Crossy Road style game
  • an Adventure Island style game
  • a Tiny Tower style game
  • a Spy Hunter style game
  • a liquid physics puzzle game

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To me, tiny tower style game can be bit boring…

What is there in liquid physics puzzle game?
Liquid physics would be interesting though.

Or else, Crossy Road can also be fun :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been toying with a puzzle based game where I use liquid physics something like Tetris / Cloud Breaker / …then it rained. Etc


great initiative! :smiley:

when are you guys starting?


I was thinking of doing the first one on Friday, Nov 25th as we have a few days off for holiday.


Can we have it also for Cocos Creator?



Do you still plan to stream? :smiley: