POLL - Allowing logins via Google, Yahoo, Insta, FB, etc?

Howdy Everyone,

How do we feel about allowing users to login via their Twitter, FB, Insta, Google, Yahoo accounts instead of needing to create a new account here? We wont require this, but is it convenient for folks to use already existing accounts on other services?

  • Allow all
  • Allow none (this is what we do now)
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

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Totally depends on you. If you think it takes less or no effort at all then it is good. But if you think you need to allocate resources then I think fixing/updating documentation of cocos2d-x should take more importance (according to me). But in the end depends on you do what you like to do. :slight_smile:

It’s not really a question about resources for me as these are built into Discourse, we just need to comply with the settings each service needs.

It’s more a get started quicker with the forums and also perhaps fight SPAM. If you are signing in with your Facebook account maybe we can trust you to post immediately, without having your first posts moderated, so to speak. Meaning new users when they post now I see the new posts to ensure they are not SPAM.

Well now you have shared more details. Then I am totally up for this. As most of time new user make account just to ask questions which they can’t do. (Happened to me :slight_smile: ).

Aside question,Why do we need to login for using Cocos creator?

I think Google is a good idea.

We have always had plans to provide a Cocos Service back-end that would help manage your games, help with error report, etc.

But you can use in offline mode, IIRC

A Google login would really modernize things