Poll: Allow __Accepting of Answers__?

Poll: Allow __Accepting of Answers__?
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Hello all. Should we allow accepting of answers to questions. (Instead of writing [SOLVED] etc? Example:

Notice the checkmark at the left of the topic description.

I feel this is beneficial for a few reasons:

  1. Those looking to answer specific questions can see that this topic has a solution, at a glance.
  2. Those searching for an answer can also see this topic has potential answer.
  3. Doesn’t prohibit further conversation about a particular topic.

What does everyone think?

  • Yes
  • No

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I wouldn’t want to remove posts, but it might be interesting if search and related topics defaulted to within a year or two instead of all time? Do you know if it’s possible?

Also I think it’d be good to allow for others to at least “flag” a post as solved in a way that you or a small group of moderators could double check and confirm and apply. The original poster could easily remove the few false positives, if any, that arise.

Just some thoughts.


More then that.

When you read a thread, you can easily find the solution: click the green link to post #7

And the post #7 also have this green mark.

I found the “solved” plugin for discourse forum at very beginning. We have this plugin enabled at day 1 when cocos2d-x Chinese forum migrated to discourse.


@walzer I think it is a great idea, myself.


@stevetranby we would not delete or archive or otherwise change how the topics are retained on the forums. Just try and make possible solutions more identifiable and allow folks wanting to answer questions to see what topics are not yet solved.


Would it be possible (and also beneficial) to re-arrange the accepted answer, so it appears directly beneath the question?


I am not sure if it is possible. Once I install the plugin, I will look at the settings we can tweak.


No, can’t re-arrange. But you can click and jump to the solution quickly.


I will add this and rebuild in the morning.


This has now been done! Accept away!!



Yep, it’s really good and useful.


Just like stackoverflow :smiley: