POCO libraries integration with Cocos2d-x (cross-platform)

POCO libraries integration with Cocos2d-x (cross-platform)

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short intro at first :slight_smile: I am starting to write final university project (a kind of game with networking in LAN) and I would like to do it in cocos2d-x (yeeey). After a long research I would like to use POCO libraries for networking and multithreading things and here comes my question:

Is there a way how to integrate POCO libraries with cocos-2dx? Both cocos2d-x and POCO are cross-platform, so putting them together seems to be very practical. I am not very big friend with makefiles and this stuff, but I am open to learn anything.

If you have another tips how to get cross-platform multithreading and sockets with cocos2d-x, I would be very happy. Cocos2dx with POCO seems to be the best combination for me (cocos for the game-related stuff, POCO for the network and multithreading).

Thanks for any reply.

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waiting when you will find answer:) also interested in this

If you are looking for network library for games i strongly recommend using RakNet which is BSD License and used in many games and now owned by OculusVR
POCO is great lib but it is to big and may be overkill for game .

Thanks for your tip. POCO seems good for me not only because of internet things, but it also supports cross-platform multithreading which is useful for the development. I don’t think POCO is too big, minimum requirements are: 75 MHz ARM9, 8 MB RAM. It is not necesarry to use the whole POCO, just only parts of it.

You have threads in cocos2d-x ,
see HttpClient.cpp and WebSocket.cpp under network .

Yes, by just using it like boost or stl.

Use the multithreading capabilities of C++11/14. There is no need for third party libs.

Regarding sockets, I would suggest RakNat as well, as already mentioned.

Thank you for answer.

I built it (http://pocoproject.org/docs/00200-GettingStarted.html). I found that I have to compile with option -lPoco. I did this with a simple cpp file, but I would like to build cocos2d-x with poco. Where should I add the -lPoco options? I mean which makefile or something like this?

C++11 supports cross-platform threading? Cool :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll read more about it, it seems to be good, that everybody recommends it :slight_smile:

This is for telling the linker to link your binary with the Poco library.
You don’t build cocos2d-x with Poco, as it does not use it, but you have to link your app/game with Poco.
You have to add the Poco library to your linker settings. The settings are different for different IDEs.

C++11 is a language spec. Of course it is cross-platform, as there is a C++11 compiler for different platforms.

It’s one of the industry leading network middlewares used by major companies in their apps/games:

It was a commercial SDK, but since OculusVR bought them and OculusVR is owned by Facebook, they realeased it for free and as Open Source.

Future plans for the C++ language is incorporating Boost.Asio into the language:

You can also use Boost.Asio for your networking needs: